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An iPad App for your Time Clocking Woes

HR managers juggle many duties, from hiring to staff welfare to molding workplace culture. Sometimes they can’t help but feel a little stretched thin. Expectedly then, anything that can make their job easier would be quite welcome. When it comes to managing staff attendance, the traditional method of the time […]

SIP Security: Whitelists to the Rescue

For those considering secure calling options for their businesses, this might provide you some ideas for your next intelligent business decision. Hoiio SIP provides low cost, high quality SIP trunking solutions for IP private branch exchange (PBX) phone systems. Our affordability does not mean we compromise on security and leave […]

Introducing Company-wide Free Calls

With cost of operations rising across all industries, we understand the pain fellow business owners are experiencing. It’s times like these when government grants and partnerships become extremely helpful. In a bid to help local businesses survive in what has been reported to be the most expensive city, we have introduced […]

Hack & Roll 2014

Last weekend was another 24-hour of hackathon, organised by the NUS Hackers, where 18 cool hacks were created. We blogged about dengue alert in Singapore last year. The solution was x-Dengue, a service that SMS you on the dengue clusters. Djengue Unchained brings the solution to a new level – detecting before it […]

Install Hoiio PHP SDK easily with composer

We pushed a commit recently to support composer, a dependency manager for PHP. This makes installing our PHP SDK into your project a breeze. After installing composer, create “composer.json” in your project root directory and require as such: { “require”: { “hoiio/hoiio-php”: “0.0.6” } } To initialize installing of the libraries […]