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Staff App 2.0

After receiving feedback from our customers, we have given our Staff app a much needed upgrade! 1. You can now store more information for your staff. This includes educational qualifications, work experience, certified skills and more! 2. You can now import and export your staff data into a nicely-formatted CSV […]

Construction HR Suite

Did you know we have a suite of HR apps specifically tailored for construction companies? #1: Staff App Easily manage various sources of staff information in one centralised location. #2: Time Log App We have a mobile biometric device available for your staff to check in and check out. Truly […]

An iPad App for your Time Clocking Woes

HR managers juggle many duties, from hiring to staff welfare to molding workplace culture. Sometimes they can’t help but feel a little stretched thin. Expectedly then, anything that can make their job easier would be quite welcome. When it comes to managing staff attendance, the traditional method of the time […]

Hoiio expands to Hong Kong

In order to serve our Hong Kong customers better, we have just set up a Hong Kong office about a month ago. We now have a team dedicated to serving the needs of local users, businesses and partners. If you are already a paying customer, this should be comforting news […]