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Developer Showcase: Fax Wizard

In today’s generation of fast-paced technology, the world is always on a constant update on the latest technology trends. New ideas and inventions are created and implemented quickly and easily. But sometimes new ideas come with integrating to old technology and/or legacy systems as they are still very much part […]

Code for the Big Day

For those who are married, you would know that planning for a wedding is no easy feat. After all, there’s a reason why most weddings take an average of 9 to 12 months of preparation time. With work and other commitments to take care of, couples often choose to do […]

Hack & Roll 2014

Last weekend was another 24-hour of hackathon, organised by the NUS Hackers, where 18 cool hacks were created. We blogged about dengue alert in Singapore last year. The solution was x-Dengue, a service that SMS you on the dengue clusters. Djengue Unchained brings the solution to a new level – detecting before it […]

Install Hoiio PHP SDK easily with composer

We pushed a commit recently to support composer, a dependency manager for PHP. This makes installing our PHP SDK into your project a breeze. After installing composer, create “composer.json” in your project root directory and require as such: { “require”: { “hoiio/hoiio-php”: “0.0.6” } } To initialize installing of the libraries […]