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Partners Promo – SavCom M1 Broadband

To provide more great deals for our customers, we will be creating a blog series on partners promotions for SME customers. In this article, we have great SME broadband deals from SavCom ( SavCom is a Singapore telecommunication consultancy and service company and is known for having the best M1 […]

Schedule, dispatch & track your workers

Do you schedule and dispatch casual workers to your customer sites? If yes, Hoiio has built the tracking system for you. The key features include: Schedule your casual workers and assign them to supervisors, Send dispatch reminders to the workers, Workers click on a URL to check-in once they reach their respective […]

Malaysia and Indonesia Virtual Mobile Numbers

Having a business in Malaysia and/or Indonesia? Now you can have both calls and SMS forwarded to you wherever you are. Being mobile and connected has never been easier. Cheers. You can use these virtual mobile number together with Hoiio Direct Line or Virtual Line Apps. [Exclusive] Facebook Promotion Facebook Users. Click here, claim your offer and email […]

Virtual Line – #1 Choice of Top Entrepreneurs

The #1 Choice of Top Entrepreneurs. Hoiio virtual Line enables your business to easily sound like a fortune 500 company. It has a fully automated virtual phone secretary that is able to greet your customers and route the call to the correct person in your company. [Exclusive] Facebook Promotion Facebook Users. Click here, claim […]

Thailand numbers now available

We have good news. Thailand numbers are now available on Hoiio. For Singapore users, subscription for Thailand numbers together with your SIP, Virtual Line and Direct Line apps start from SGD $15 / month. For users in other countries, please kindly contact for the pricing information. To see the full […]

Using SIP on the Mobile Softphone

This is the last part of the Hoiio SIP series. We hope this guides you to find the SIP client best suited to your needs. This is a SIP solution for the mobile professional. While the desktop softphone does away with the need to purchase phone sets, the mobile version of […]