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How Call Analytics help improve Agent Performance

Most call centers must get used to daily reports which is the main tool to collect data and see how well things were going. However, this type of reporting didn’t always provide an overall picture of what was working and what wasn’t with regard to agents, teams and strategies.

These are the reasons why you need a Call Analytics app to improve Agent performances:

Real-time Live Monitoring

Real-time Live Monitoring provides managers with dashboards, call analytics and tracking speech patterns, where the system will automatically monitor in-progress calls for defined language and such as escalation, spy or barge calls then alert managers that a emergent customer service situation has developed. When managers are able to quickly identify customers at risk, they can take proactive steps to resolve the issues and retain those customers.

Compliance monitoring in the contact center is particularly important for companies where litigation due to non-compliance is on the rise. Real-time call monitoring systems monitor every call for violations, and abusive situations from either party, and many other potential risks. Due to the fact that it happens in real-time, managers are instantly alerted then step in in time.

Real-time monitoring leverages speech analytics to provide call centers with full coverage.

Customized Call Flow  

Have you been in a frustrating situation trying to reach a real person on the phone? Calling a business can be a difficult experience. An auto attendant will surely addresses this issue by acting as a virtual receptionist, directing your customers to the exact department they want.

Answer Script is the initial welcome message that shows with the incoming calls popup and agents can use this message as the welcome message to the caller.

Studies indicate that 48% of customers find that customer service reps answering calls is unhelpful. An auto attendant is a fantastic to improve customer service and avoids being part of this statistic in several ways, then save time for both your customers and businesses.

Role-based access management

Role-based access management restricts network access based on an agent role, it has become one of the main methods for advanced access control. The roles in the team determine the levels of access that employees have to the network.

Staffs are only allowed to access the information necessary to efficiently complete their tasks. Access is divided by authority, job competency and responsibility. Moreover, access to online resources can be limited to specific tasks such as the ability to view, create or edit a file. As a result, lower-level staff usually do not have access to important data, which is especially helpful if you have lots of staff or control third parties. Closely monitoring network access will help secure your company’s sensitive data and important applications.

Agent-level monitoring tool

What makes one agent great while another struggles? How can you really evaluate the performance of your staff based on a few randomly collected calls? Performance review with live monitoring tool is easier than ever. With speech analytics in place, managers can review all calls and get a true understanding of who needs more training and who does a fantastic job.

With Hoiio Wallboard App, agent status is monitored by showing the number of agents logged in, away, and invisible, which helps you ensure you have sufficient staff to handle incoming call volume. Ring time per agent (in seconds) is to set up the maximum ring time for each agent. The incoming call will be assigned to the agent who has the highest proficiency. For example, agents 104, 301 and 506 have proficiency 10, 40 and 30 respectively. The incoming call will be assigned to agent 301 first, then go to agent 506 and 104. Besides, supervisors can also view detail status of all agents and add remarks for whom to choose when they change status to Busy.

Call Recordings

When it comes to call management, call and voice recording is very important. Without monitoring calls for quality assurance, it’s nearly impossible to find out how well employees have met the needs of clients, and therefore impossible to measure success and failure. Call recording effectively addresses key problems and also in identifies areas of improvement.

Performance Analytics

Today many call center analytics solutions offer live reporting and dashboard views of performance data, both real-time and historical. It enables the supervisors to direct manpower and resources to where they are most needed, getting calls answered rapidly by the right agent and precisely evaluate agent behaviors to enhance service quality. This information can also be used in trainings to boost call agent effectiveness and improve the customer experience. As an added bonus, more effective communication reduces handling time and operating costs.

In short, the call center managers will be armed with constantly updated information and insights, then take proactive steps to ensure the best possible experience for their customers.

Hoiio Wallboard App enables you to evaluate agent performances to enhance service quality. It connects the Cloud PBX extensions to capture and display real-time information related to inbound contact center performance in a graphical dashboard and allow the supervisor to select and customize different metrics to show. In addition, supervisors can monitor call logs with notes and statistical popup in every call.

In Conclusion

With so many organizations use calling businesses, it’s critical that you should invest in an effective and excellent tool to add more value to your business process between staff and customers and taking your relationship to the next level.

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