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It’s not a telephone, nor a mobile app! It’s Hoiio Bizphone Desktop App

We are glad to introduce you our latest development, The Bizphone Desktop App, an application to make and receive calls on a computing devices. It is a softphone client that works on either a Windows or Mac desktop.

What is it?

Desktop app is an softphone application that enables voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) from personal computer or laptop devices. When you choose to go with softphones (instead of a hardware device), they connect directly to the Cloud PBX system so you can make and receive calls from the virtual number or extension that is associated with that account. With WiFi or a direct internet connection, you can enjoy the service from your personal device.

A softphone looks the same as any other application. Once you double-click or tap the icon to load the program, you can use the mouse or touchscreen to dial a number. You can speak through it like you would normally on your smartphone or through a headset that’s connected to your computer.

Why should you choose it?

Portability and convenience: stay connected away from the office, whether on the road, at an airport lounge, or oversea.

Money Saving: saves hardware costs. Instead of an IP phone, you may need only a headset for optimal call quality.

Lower maintenance: the software is installed on a computer and doesn’t have to be rerouted after a company moves offices or even during traveling.

Rich features: Unlike mobile calling apps, which are generally individual software units with limited function, softphones support more advanced features which are only supported by IP Phones or IP PBX.

With these benefits associated with softphones, they are ideal choice for mobile or home users, office workers can also choose to them as a convenient replacement for traditional desk phones.

Main Features

  • Phonebook to save contact name which will appear on the screen.
  • Shows assigned Caller ID of the extension.
  • Call Recording Setting shows if recording is enabled/disabled for the extension.
  • Internal Call Transfer between extensions, and ability to abort transfer attempt.
  • History Tab – Shows current call logs (resets upon logging out of the app).
  • Reflects all Extensions belonging to the Organization

And many other useful features supported by hardware IP Phones only (picture below)

Where can I download it?

To start using the BizPhone Desktop App, it has to be installed on your system. Contact us now to be the first lucky users to get the free trial offer.

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