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Key features of a Cloud Phone System for every business

“In today’s whirlwind economy, creativity has become an asset to cherish” – Peter Hinssen

Nowadays, with fast-moving telephony infrastructure and constantly evolving technology, businesses find the need to keep up with these changes by switching to a more advanced telephone system. The latest VoIP technology has enabled business operations to run easier, smoother and much faster.

Analog lines are history as with today’s digital technology, you can opt for a VoIP phone system that offers much more flexibility and leading-edge features. You can keep the communication channels open, but still get the great complement of accessories without a significant investment. Hence, here we are to present you seven key features to look for when choosing your VoIP phone system.


Have you been in a frustrating situation trying to reach a real person on the phone? Calling a business can be a difficult experience. An auto attendant will surely addresses this issue by acting as a virtual receptionist, directing your customers to the exact department they want.

Studies indicate that 48% of customers find that customer service reps answering calls is unhelpful. An auto attendant is a fantastic feature that improves customer service and avoids being part of this statistic in several ways, then save time for both your customers and businesses.

Hoiio Virtual Line allows you to receive incoming calls, play greeting messages in multiple languages, forward calls to unlimited destinations, configure up to 5-layered call flow, and it comes with unlimited international DID Numbers. This can be set up on either an organization level or department level.

Call Routing, Distribution, and Forwarding

Call holding and transferring are super faster and easier with VoIP solutions.

Today’s phone systems come with real-time call transferring feature, which also means that your co-workers and clients are able to reach you on your mobile phone or any other available contact devices. This feature will let you customize the settings and to ring all your devices simultaneously or with your own flow configuration. If you can’t be reached on all devices, our phone system will automatically direct the caller to your voicemail then notify you via email.

Call Conferencing

Face-to-face meeting is no longer the only option when evolving technology has allowed us to be able to conduct video or voice meetings with multiple employees or clients across different locations. That’s why call conferencing capabilities should be the next included feature to provide  your business’ flexibility when it comes to operational matters. These calls can be conducted through IP phone units with up to eight parties in a room.

International DIDs availability

With VOIP, you can have as many different international or local DIDs as you want to ensure local presence in multiple countries. We provide landline, mobile, toll-free or golden DID numbers of more than 60 countries and also support number retention – port in numbers from other telcos with a much lower oversea call rates.

Call Recordings

When it comes to call management, call and voice recording is indispensable. Without monitoring calls for quality assurance, it’s nearly impossible to find out how well employees have met the needs of clients, and therefore impossible to measure success and failure. Call recording effectively addresses key problems and also in identifies areas of improvement.

Furthermore, recorded calls will largely help in obtaining extensive data of your customer base as well as be of assistance to resolve customer issues more quickly. It also lends a helping hand in handling irritating, lousy customers. Wouldn’t it be great to cut down on these hassles?

Agent Performance Analytics

Most call centers must get used to daily reports which is the main tool to collect data and see how well things were going. However, this type of reporting didn’t always provide an overall picture of what was working and what wasn’t with regard to agents, teams and strategies.

Today many call center analytics solutions offer live reporting and dashboard views of performance data, both real-time and historical. It enables the supervisors to direct manpower and resources to where they are most needed, getting calls answered rapidly by the right agent and precisely evaluate agent behaviors to enhance service quality. This information can also be used in trainings to boost call agent effectiveness and improve the customer experience. As an added bonus, more effective communication reduces handle time and operating costs.

In short, the call center managers will be armed with constantly updated information and insights, then take proactive steps to ensure the best possible experience for their customers.

Call Tracking Analytics

Through customer data analysis, companies can accurately predict customer behaviors and trends, and decide what actions should be taken. Call Tracking will quantify the effectiveness of your marketing efforts much more simple. Its ability to track the online and offline sources of prospects calling you with attribution models offers greater accuracy. Data is organized in both Visual and CDR reports for you to easily analyze and then optimize your advertising effort towards the effective channels sending the highest traffic to your website.

Analysis of external factors, such as tracking social media streams for brand mentions or specific issues with a product can predict inbound traffic and optimize your advertising effort towards the effective channels that are sending the highest converting traffic to your website.

In Conclusion

As we all aware, innovation and adaptation lead to successful management. Many businesses have decided that their traditional phone systems are obsolete when the telephone industry kept following the change with incredibly advanced customization.

How about you?

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