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Why Hoiio Cloud PBX is the best phone system for your businesses?

In the previous article, we have discussed the way to choose a best phone system. This post I will help you find out what makes Hoiio Cloud PBX outstanding in current cloud market.

As we all know, the best phone system is the one which unflinchingly corresponds to your specific needs at three points: features, cost and customization. And I can assure you that Hoiio Cloud PBX will definitely provide the outcomes you are looking for in every aspects.

Regardless of your company sizes or dimensions, you are able to set up a complete professional phone system with it. It can also be instantly purchased, upgraded or downgraded as your need arises without any hassle or cost associated with the on-premises IP-PBX. All you need to do is connecting the phones to the internet, then make and receive calls from anywhere at anytime.

Let’s approach each point from a more specific angle.


As a cutting-edge communications solution, we leverage call advanced features for businesses. Otherwise stated, our Cloud PBX offers easier and more effective networking, time-saving communications through automated structure, cost-saving features, high voice quality, …

Key Features Hoiio Other Competitors
Call Hold/Transfer
International DIDs, toll free, landline, mobile, golden numbers
Auto-Attendant (IVR)
Caller Number Display
Call History
Simultaneous Ring
Caller ID Retention
Multi-Line Hunting
DNC Integration
Remote & Mobile working


Our Cloud PBX is sufficiently flexible to match your unique requirements at entirely appropriate expenses. In addition, low local and long distance calling rates is also another good points to take into considerations for your optimal system.

Budget Planning (5 users) Hoiio Other Competitors
Total Cost for Year 1 $800 $1000 ~ $3000
Account Setup $0 $50
Subscription $75/month $90 ~ $250/month
Upgrade Channels $10/channel $15 ~ $50/channel
Additional Numbers $2~$5/month $1/month
Value Added Services All Included Chargeable
Setup Time 1 Business Day 2 ~ 4 weeks


Hoiio Cloud PBX is available in a variety of configurations, offering an ever-growing range of features and benefits. No matter how big or small your company is, from 2 staff startups to massive real estate, you can set up a complete phone system with us.

Small Businesses:

Small Businesses Hoiio Other Competitors
Pay as you scale YES NO
Monthly pricing starting from 10 15 ~ 50
Upgrade/downgrade easily Pay admin fee
Minimum users 1 5
One time charges 50

Overseas Offices:

Oversea Offices Hoiio Other Competitors
International Coverage YES NO
International Numbers
Multiple Server Locations
Minimum users 1 5

Furthermore, we are the ONLY provider in Singapore offering integration and automation to the following services DNC, Call Tracking, Call Recording. You no longer have to worry about hefty fine of government or exorbitant fee, and enjoy a safer way for your telemarketing activities.

Sales & Marketing:

Sales and Marketing Hoiio Other Competitors
Business Automation YES NO
DNC Integration
Integrated Call Recording
Integrated Call Tracking
Live monitor staff performance

IT Compliance:

Forget the hassles for additional specialized IT staff or outside vendors to setup, troubleshoot or add new extensions because our dedicated solution expert is on hand to help you with everything in the fastest manner.

IT Compliance Hoiio Other Competitors
Enterprise Security YES NO
SIP TLS & SRTP Support
IP & Country Whitelist
Security Alerts
Limited Assigned Credits


Ready to choose Hoiio Cloud PBX? Feel free to contact us at anytime, our friendly sales officers are always ready to assist you immediately.

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