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How to choose your Cloud PBX – Cloud PBX Provider Comparison


Careful buyers can spend hours googling, emailing and calling different providers before choosing one.  If you are looking for a business phone system for your corporation, then  you would make decision more easily with the following criteria and comparison.

1. Does the provider support Call Center or Marketing functions?

Whether a Cloud PBX phone can integrate with other software or applications should be the first criterion given the importance of increasing productivity to business. Therefore, do look for the phone provider who also offers such tools as Call Center and Marketing to boost your overall efficiency.

Hoiio Cloud PBX integrates seamlessly with one-of-a-kind tools such as Auto Do-Not-Call Numbers filtering, Call Source Tracking, Call Center Intelligence, CRM. The combination of these functions will give you the convenience, automation and insight that truly drive your productivity.

Call Center & Marketing Hoiio Other Competitors

Auto DNC Number Filtering

Call Source Tracking YES NO
Call Center YES NO

Call Recording Unlimited Storage


2. Does the provider allow you to scale your phone system easily?


If there will be fluctuation in your communication need, it is better if your provider allows you to add or remove phone extensions instantly like Hoiio does.

Phone Extension Hoiio Other Competitors
Pay as you scale YES NO
Upgrade/downgrade easily YES PAY PENALTY

3. Is the service affordable? Is it cost-effective? 

Phone service providers differ greatly in services offered and pricing. And two companies can pay a huge different amount of fee for the same Cloud PBX solution of the same quality.

Hoiio is leading the Cloud PBX market in Singapore with the call quality and low price. You will just pay for a fraction of the price you usually does when using other service provider. 

Budget Planning Hoiio Other Competitors
Account Setup $0 $600 – $1,100
Subscription (10 Users) $140/Month $500 – $1000/Month
Per exention upgrade $7 $50  $100
Additional Numbers $5.00 $10
Value Added Services All Included Chargeable
Setup Time 10 minutes 2 – 4 Weeks

4. Does the service provider offer international DID?

If you are in a multi-country business, then it’s important that you choose a service provider who provides phone numbers multiple countries.

Hoiio has a wide range of landline, mobile, toll-free and golden DID numbers to give you local presence in 100+ cities in over 70 countries. This also allows your customers from all over the world reach you directly, wherever you are.

Overseas Offices Hoiio Other Competitors
International Coverage YES NO
International Numbers YES NO
Multiple Server Locations YES NO

5. Is there a minimum contract?

There may be a situation whereby you, after using a service for a while, want to disable the phone system to use a new communication technology. In such case, it would be extremely convenient if your service provider allows you to exit without paying any penalty.

At Hoiio, users have to sign no contract and are tied to no minimum usage requirement.

Entrance and Exit Hoiio Other Competitors
Monthly Subscription YES NO
Minimum contract 1 Month 1 – 2 Years
Terminate easily YES Pay Penalty

Contact our team of experts today to learn more about our solutions for your business.

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