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4 Things to Look for in a Phone Solution for Large Enterprises

Research from Bain & Company shows that big companies like Apple, Google, and Dell are 40% more productive than the average company. And the average company loses more than 25% of its productive power to processes that waste time. This often happens as the company grows.

As business phone is the dominant communication channel for most companies, it is, thus, even more critical for large companies to have the phone system that optimize the work productivity and time management.

What to look for in a phone solution for corporations?

The best phone system in 2018 will simplify the workflow your corporations, scale easily as your companies grow, and support multiple sites and remote connectivity of your mobile workforce.

1. Simplify the workflow

New phone systems can integrate seamlessly with Google Analytics, CRM, and many other systems through Zapier. This will ultimately save you time and increase your work productivity. For instance, when a customer has an inquiry, it will create a ticket automatically into the ticketing system of the company so that customer service representatives can receive a note on the next step of action.

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Other PBX phone systems have in-built Call Tracking tool that enables you to track the source of your incoming call and to scientifically evaluate the performance of your marketing campaigns.

2. Connect multiple sites

Most Cloud PBX can allow your staffs to call from any phone available to them with the main corporate number or numbers in any countries they work in and with similar voicemail, extension. Besides, your mobile workers can divert calls to their mobile phone numbers in any countries. This can provide great convenience to your teams, and hence promote productivity of your organizations. 


You will also maintain a smooth connection between mobile users and offices if everyone in the central company directory can directly reach other members by dialing internal extensions.

3. Scale easily

If your corporations are growing fast and hence need to increase the number of phone lines, look for a phone system that allows you to upgrade in small increments. Cloud PBX, for instance, allow you to simply add or remove phone extensions yourself from your online account.

This will bring enormous convenience to the IT Manager and save their time and effort when there is great fluctuation in the communication need of the corporate.

4. Deliver stable call quality

Whether a call suffers from echo, choppiness, or delay, the disruption of a given call can result in anything from minor annoyances to serious impediments. Hence, it is important that you choose a phone system from a service provider that guarantees high availability with stable quality. Many licensed telcos provide SS7 (Signaling System No. 7) connection in so the call quality is considerably higher than others vendors.

If you are needing any or all of the above features, switch to Hoiio Cloud PBX system today. It comes with seamless integration capability, providing big corporations like Manufile or Scoot with the complete communication solution.

Hoiio has pioneered the concept of agile communication to give you the ability to easily scale your phone systems and integrate to many other systems you are using. You can easily mix and match the various apps to fit your use cases and scale the calls capacity effortlessly. Our Cloud PBX also supports numbers for 100+ cities in over 70 countries. With that we are happy to provide the best coverage in Asia-PAC.

Contact our team of experts today to learn more about our solutions for your business.



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