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Cloud-Based Communication Solution for Financial Services


Inferior phone quality will hurt the company image, and worse, clients may not be interested in having business deals with a firm that has a poor phone service. This is even more critical for finance companies as they usually involve in transactions that require phone conversation with clients.

Thus, more financial institutions are embracing the benefits of VoIP solution to enhance their business operations, reduce expenses, and offer a superb customer service experience for customers.

As a brand focused on addressing and delivering on the inquiries of customers with client profiling, intelligent contact routing, and enterprise presence, Hoiio can empower you with excellent services. We have ranges of VoIP solutions for corporate organizations and other financial institutions to help enhance your business frontiers.

Excellent Call Quality

Hoiio Cloud PBX can deliver quality conference calls where attendees can make calls and enjoy a seamless experience. Moreover, calls can be of excellent quality even when your employees work comfortably at the homes. They just need to log into their phone line wherever they are in any part of the world. The number of the organization will be displayed on the line of the call recipient.

Improved Training and Customer Experience

Hoiio Cloud PBX enables only authorized personnels to collate information about financial communications for conflict resolution and training. This permits the training staffs to understand customer service issues and then create strategies with efficient procedures to improve relationships with the customers.

Moreover, if clients request an employee working in another location, they don’t have to hang up and call another site. With the call transfer feature, callers will be transferred to the right division of the organization without losing connection.

Connection of Various Offices

Hoiio Cloud PBX give you one central number for all the locations, allowing employees to make use of any office phone available with similar voicemail, extension, and speed dials. This feature can significantly improve the level of efficiency and provide convenience for your financial organizations to promote productivity and time management.

You can also maintain a smooth connection between mobile users and offices as everyone in the central company directory can directly reach other members by dialing internal extensions.

Data/CRM Integration

Hoiio users can perform more efficiently while on a call with the presence of a Cloud PBX. The online system will create a ticket automatically when a customer has an inquiry into the ticketing system of the company so the customer service rep can receive a note on the next step of action.

Safe Communications

We ensure the conversations with clients and team members are kept confidential as a means to offer customer communication solutions for financial firms. We utilize SRTP and TLS to encrypt the voice packets from on-site and remote phones.

We also provide extra security through our online portals which can only be accessed by a password for the protection of your cloud-based data.

Client Satisfaction

Our Cloud PBX offers a significant return on investment when compared to other Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems.

Hoiio will ensure the provision of a VoIP phone system that promotes collaboration among the staff members of your financial organizations and improve communication with clients.

Contact our team of experts today to learn more about our reliable solutions for your business.



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