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How HOIIO Cloud Phone System Helps Multi-national Companies?


In the previous blog, we have talked about why companies in transport industry, which require more mobility, loves cloud phone system. If your companies also have mobile workforce, please do check it out.

In this blog, you will see why multi-national companies like yours will also be thankful to know that you now can rewire your whole phone system to the cloud.

Offices of your MNC have often used multiple kinds of phone systems rather than a single one because those old systems are physically tied to a location. The use of these technologies has many problems that you’ve endured until now.   

  1. The current phone systems do not support direct extension calls, call transfer or conference call  between offices.
  2. Interoffice calls are counted as external calls since different telco connectivity is required, making your phone bill much more higher than it should be.
  3. The old systems only give you a long list of call transactions making it deemed difficult for you to manage and evaluate the performance of your overseas teams.

How can HOIIO Cloud PBX help you?

1. Interoffice call transfer and conference call

You can interact cohesively with your colleagues across the globe using direct internal dialing or conference call because everyone is in a single company directory. 

Especially, you can transfer calls to anyone in your company, the one sitting right next to you or in another continent. So your customers no longer have to write down the right phone number and dial again when they call the wrong location.  

2. Reporting tools


As a multi-national company, we know that tracking your overseas team performance has a big impact on how well you succeed at taking your business into foreign markets.

Therefore, we have developed useful tools and actionable reports for you to evaluate call data, talk time, individual performance and etc. These reports are easy to view and understand, helping expedite your decision-making.

3. Free internal and on-net call

Calls to anyone in the organization are considered internal calls, hence free. You can also call any of 10,000+ companies using our service for free regardless of which country they are.

4. DID numbers in 60+ countries

All advantages of Cloud PBX would become meaningless if a service provider does not provide local numbers in countries you are operating.

As a licensed telco with global infrastructure, Hoiio has a wide range of landline, mobile, toll-free and golden DID numbers to give you local presence in more than 60 countries.


Fill out the form below to talk to us and get a 1-month free trial. No contract required!

If you haven’t made the decision yet, read more about benefits and features of Hoiio Cloud PBX here.



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