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3 Reasons Why Cloud PBX Is Ideal for Transport Companies

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Companies in transportation industry, by nature, require more flexibility and mobility of their business phone system. For a long time, on-the-road workers have resorted to their personal mobile phones to stay connected with their business calls and colleagues in office. However, the use of personal mobile phone poses problems because calls cannot be recorded or controlled. In addition, users cannot present a professional caller experience and cannot use features of an office phone such as call transfer and conferencing.

Those are reasons that biggest companies in transportation industry such as Scoot Tigerair and Tower Transit use Hoiio Cloud PBX solution.

How Will Hoiio Cloud PBX Help?

1. Device Integration

Hoiio Cloud PBX is designed to foster the mobile device integration and the seamless connectivity of remote workers and multiple locations. It enables you to make and receive business calls via smartphone, IP phone or desktop with 1 single number or any number of your choice whether you are on or off-site.

Especially, the built-in call forwarding feature will ensure that you never miss an important call even when you don’t have access to the Internet. You can enable the feature and then your mobile phone number will ring at the same time as your desk phone.

2. Self-service Portal

Hoiio also differentiates our cloud PBX by the powerful user portal that gives you full control over the phone system. You can easily activate, add or remove phone extensions, change greeting or missed call messages, and enable or disable features to fit your use cases just within minutes.

3. PBX-like Features

Transport companies benefits not only from the mobility and flexibility but also from the professional features of the phone system. Your staffs will always appear professional even when calling from their mobile phones and supervisors can monitor calls anytime for improved quality assurance with this fully-featured system.

Check out Hoiio Cloud PBX if you have not known about features of our Cloud PBX.

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