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Call Tracking now lets you track Calls from Twitter, Instagram and other custom sources

Hoiio Call Tracking now lets you track calls from customized sources.

This new feature allows marketers to track custom call sources. With this you can define your own sources (based on domain), so you know exactly which of your marketing channels is resulting in ROI.

With this you can find out if people are landing at your website from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, that partner you paid for link placement, etc.

Call Tracking - Custom Source

Another addition this upgrade brings is the ability to create and track custom tags in your referral URL.

“This update will considerably increase the ROI tracking capabilities for marketers. We are committed to improving our feature base to be the best Call Tracking solution in Asia Pac”, Mr Tuan Vo, product manager of Call Tracking at hoiio reported via slack.

Hoiio Call Tracking is Asia’s leading Call and Campaign tracking solution which gives you in-depth data about your call sources (Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Instagram, etc.) thereby optimizing your marketing ROI.

It is integrated with Hoiio’s Cloud PBX solution thereby giving your sales and marketing teams a highly connected and cost effective one stop solution.

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