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Hoiio Biometric TimeLog Solution (Eligible for $5,000 ICV Voucher*)


We at Hoiio would like to present our Biometric Time Log Solution. While traditional systems rely on timesheets or manual data entry for keeping track of personnel, our biometric solution has many advantages over these traditional systems:

  1. Accuracy – The digital biometric tablet reaches superior levels of accuracy that normal methods cannot achieve.
  2. Foolproof – A biometric identification method means that only a specific, authorized person gets to check-in and check-out for his/her shift.
  3. GPS Tracking – Geotagging ensures that employees check-in and check-out at their respective work locations.


Our biometric tablet enables the real-time identification and location tracking of employees via the scanning of their fingerprints. When the biometric tablet has successfully registered the employee’s fingerprint and time of check-in/check-out, it will automatically update in real-time and synchronise the data with your Time Log database.

Combine the biometric tablet with our Time Log App and you get an efficient, fuss-free timekeeping solution for HR managers with the following features:


  • Mobile Device as TimeClock – Time Log can be used with the Android biometric device or other Android devices to record employees’ real-time check-in and check-out timings and their locations based on the GPS
  • Efficient Timekeeping – Time Logs are automatically updated in the system, so you can do away the tedious work of manually processing time cards.
  • Resource Planning – For example, construction site A’s deadline is ending soon and but there is only 3 staff on-site. Construction site B has 10 staff but the deadline is still far away. From the Time Log App, you can see the number of personnel real-time on each site and thus, able to re-arrange people from Site B to help Site A to complete their work before the deadline.
  • Access anytime, anywhere – With automated timekeeping, managers can skip the process of collecting physical time cards. All the data is available on the go, thus managers can retrieve the time logs by exporting them to email or viewing them online.

*Eligible for ICV ($5,000) given by Singapore Government only via our Official Partner, Fixics Solutions (s) Pte Ltd, a pre-qualified integration solution provider under the ICV programme.

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