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Testimonial: Company Using Hoiio Apps


UberSports, one of our long term customers, uses our apps in a very unique way for their business.

Ubersports provides top quality all weather facilities and programs for multisport uses, mainly for futsal purposes.

Currently having 4 outlets at Yishun, East Coast, Punggol and Woodlands, with a HQ office, managing customer inquiries, operations and sales can be a big problem, especially when you want to monitor and trace the calls their employees take up.

Here’s how Ubersports created a full featured inbound and outbound call center using Hoiio apps and solutions.


1. They have 1 virtual line number, which forwards to their HQ SIP trunk. If there is no one in office, the call will be routed to other outlets.
2. If the call comes in after office hours, it has voicemail for potential customers to leave a message.
3. For calls between his outlets and HQ, Ubersports uses Hoiio to Hoiio connectivity for FREE calls


4. Before making any calls out, Ubersports simply uses SpiderGate to check if the numbers are under DNC status before making any calls

As an additional note, Ubersports uses Call Recording to monitor their employees calls from different outlets all around Singapore without PAYING FOR ANY HARDWARE OR PBX SYSTEM for recording.


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