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How do I do call hunting with Hoiio Virtual Line

call hunting with Hoiio Virtual Line
Call Hunting is a method of distributing phone calls from a single telephone number to a group of several phone lines. It specifically refers to the process or algorithm used to select which line should receive the call. In the simplest terms, the call can go to multiple phones until one person answers, or until the call goes to the voicemail. Therefore, Call Hunting lets you set up a call queue so that you never miss out on an incoming call if one of your agents is busy on another call.

Here is a little diagram to help you know the basics:


This is a way for companies to manage lines that are frequently busy. It is sometimes colloquially called “call forwarding”. This is, however, not entirely accurate. Call forwarding is the process of having all calls forwarded to just one number, whereas call hunting is the process of having calls routed to multiple phone numbers in a particular order or algorithm.

For Virtual Line, after setting up a forwarding, click on the forwarded number and in the popup that appears click on “configure missed call”.


This will set up Call Hunting. Hence you can configure it such that the call will always go to the first number, then if missed, goes to the second number and so on.

Below is what your Call Hunting setup might look like after configuration.

virtual line call hunting config

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