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Call Whisper and Call Tagging: Know where the call is coming from and Analyze call outcomes

We are proud to announce 2 new features, which enhances our Call Tracking capabilities. They are:

  1. Call Whisper
  2. Call Tagging & Lead Scoring

These 2 new features allow you to know where the call is coming from, and analyze call outcomes.

1. Call Whisper

This feature lets you play “whisper messages” before every incoming call.

It is otherwise known as call screening, a calling feature that often appears on non-geographic telephony systems and hosted inbound call handling software. It involves the playing of a message to the called party when they have answered the call, during which time the calling party continues to hear ringing.

This is useful for people with multiple business or running multiple campaigns as it allows you to configure a custom message to be played to you when you answer the call. With this, it becomes possible to indicate where the call is coming from (e.g “this call is from your website” or “this call is ecommerce store adwords campaign”). The objective is to let you (or your sales team) mentally prepare yourself for the call before you even answer the phone.

While this message is playing, the caller will still hear the ringing tone.

Please refer to the image below on how to configure call whisper on Hoiio Call Tracking:

2. Call Tagging & Lead Scoring

This feature allows you to lets you mark the outcome of every call after the call is finished. You can create and assign short tags to different numbers. When a customer calls that number, the tag associated with that number will pop up on the screen too.

Call Tagging is very beneficial when the same physical phone is used for multiple numbers. You can start off by saying “Thanks for calling department XYZ” instead of by asking “Which department have you called?” It’s a small gesture, yet in business, it’s usually the small gestures that can convert a prospect into a devoted customer.

You can configure possible call outcomes for your business (e.g. ‘successful sale’, ‘valid lead’, invalid/wrong number’, etc) for all your numbers. At the end of each call, the agent (at the call answer point) will receive a call back playing a pre-defined message, which prompts them to press a number to save the call outcome. This outcome is saved in your call tracking analytics.

Here’s how easy it is to set up call tagging in Hoiio:
A possible use case for this feature is to help you keep track of how many calls are actual leads and how many are irrelevant, which call channels are generating more qualified customers and so forth.


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