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Developer Showcase: Fax Wizard

In today’s generation of fast-paced technology, the world is always on a constant update on the latest technology trends. New ideas and inventions are created and implemented quickly and easily. But sometimes new ideas come with integrating to old technology and/or legacy systems as they are still very much part of our lives today.

Ever since the invention of email came about in the 1970s, it has been a useful business communication tool and eventually surpassed fax as the preferred business communication channel. It’s not that hard to understand why, email is not just fast but it also doesn’t require additional office equipment to function. All you need is a computer or even a mobile phone, with an internet connection.

However, even with email’s convenience, some industries continue to retain fax as one of their communication channels. For example, banks require faxed documents with handwritten signatures when validating a request from the account holder.

Here is one way how new ideas are created by simply integrating to old technology and/or legacy systems. Developer Nguyen Van Minh Danh created this simple web fax app called Fax Marketing Wizard using the Hoiio Fax API to fax a document without a dedicated fax machine.

Using your Hoiio account, faxing can be as simple as uploading the document, entering the recipient numbers, and clicking SEND!


Before we start, you will need to create an app under your Hoiio Developer account and take note of the app ID and access token. If you have not done so, you can create a new Hoiio Developer account here and add a new app by going to “Get More Apps” -> “Developer Console” -> “Install App” menu. From that, you can click on “Create An App”.

create an app

Fill in the app name and once created, the app ID and access tokens can be viewed.

app id and secret

  • Enter an email address to receive a notification when the fax transaction is completed. Key in your Hoiio app credentials in the App ID and App Secret fields and click NEXT to proceed.
  • Upload the document to fax out (PDF files up to 2MB are supported). Enter the list of recipients to receive the fax, select the Caller ID to be shown to the recipient and click NEXT to review the fax transaction details.
  • Click on “Finish” to start the fax transaction. You will receive an email with the transaction details and a link to check the transaction status. Depending on the number of pages in the PDF document and the number of recipients, the fax process will take a couple of minutes to complete.
  • When the document has finished faxing , you will receive another email informing you of the fax results. Alternatively, you can also refresh the transaction status page to view the updated status.

Here’s a screenshot showing the transaction status page after a fax is submitted through the Fax Marketing Wizard:

To use the Fax Marketing Wizard, you can click here!

Well isn’t technology great! By using the Hoiio Fax API the developer easily developed this simple and convenient app. Simple yet useful apps like these can be easily developed with APIs that have been created and implemented.

Hopefully we will see more new ideas ahead!

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