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Early Bird Offer for Hoiio Indonesia

Good news everyone! In order to serve our Indonesian customers better, Hoiio will be launching Hoiio Indonesia in April 2016. We will have a team dedicated to serving the needs of local users, businesses and partners. If you’re already a paying customer, this should be great news since help is now much closer to you.

Before the launch, Hoiio Indonesia has an “Early Birds Offer” for new customers in Indonesia.

The Early Bird offers a free 3 months subscriptions for one of the following apps:

Virtual Line

Virtual Line allows you to set up your business line according to exactly what you need. Use Virtual Line to forward calls to your preferred number or set up an interactive voice response menu with unlimited extensions, and even create multi-tier extensions if you so require.

The configurations are virtually unlimited and here are some of the benefits:

  • Allows you to setup call forwarding rules the way you want.
  • You can set office hours for the app to match your business hours.
  • Incoming calls after office hours can be blocked or marked as missed calls.
  • Record your own beautiful greeting message.
  • Record messages of all missed calls.
  • Number Blocking.

Direct Line

Forward business calls to your phone wherever you are. Hoiio’s Direct Line mobile app enables you to sign up for Direct Line numbers and also configure your Direct Line easily. Stay connected anytime and anywhere without the hassle of an extra handset or mobile contract.

Benefits and configuration options included in the mobile app are:

  • Select a number of your choice
  • Set up call forwarding up to 6 lines simultaneously
  • Instant activation from your desktop
  • No contractual obligation
  • No hardware, no wiring required
  • Free number retention service
  • Golden numbers are available for a fee.


Send and receive faxes online! When setting up your ideal business phone solution, you should definitely consider fax as well. Hoiio Fax is cloud-based fax app that sends and receives fax online. Every incoming fax is sent straight to your email inbox, allowing you to forgo the physical fax machine. Say goodbye to the bulky fax machines, paper wastage and replacing toners in the office.

Here are some of the features:

  • Send fax online by simply uploading your documents.
  • Allows you to configure forwarding from your fax number to your email, allowing you to read all of incoming faxes anytime, anywhere.
  • All of your faxes will be archived and stored in our database.
  • At anytime, you can request to view your past faxes at no additional cost.

Interested for a demo or need more information?

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