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Hoiio Call Tracking is now a Google Analytics Partner


Hoiio is happy to announce that Hoiio Call Tracking has partnered with Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization and marketing purposes. The services is available to anyone with a Google account.

Hoiio is a software company and provide cloud communication and apps to businesses on a subscription and usage based business model. Hoiio Call Tracking enables you to track the source of prospects calling your phone. This enables you to scientifically test the performance of your online/offline marketing campaigns and see which results in successful call leads for your business. Integrated with IVR, Voicemail and VOIP systems.

Because now Hoiio Call Tracking is a Google Analytics Partner, we can integrate them both. With Google Analytics Integration, it allows you to track your calls by:

  • Search Keyword: Different keywords would result in different ROI for your Adwords campaigns. Tracking the performance in each keyword would optimise your ROI.
  • Traffic Sources: Be it a Facebook link, organic search or dedicated landing page, you will be able to tell which medium is the most performing one.
  • User Device Types: As consumers spend more time on mobile devices, understanding the device types allows you to optimise your campaign for that device.

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