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A Missed Call is a Missed Opportunity, In Today’s World, How do you tell Customers that you are Better than the Competition?

How you respond to customer calls speaks a lot about how they perceive your business. Is it quick, efficient and highly professional?

In the age where technology is on its rising peak, businesses have adopted a fast pace to keep up to date on new trends and opportunities. But sometimes, people can’t keep up with the fast pace so a lot of businesses hire software solution companies to help them run their business smoothly and efficiently with the use of software technology. However, such solutions usually have a very hefty cost.

Hoiio is one such software solutions company that provides cloud communications and apps to businesses on a subscription and usage-based business model. Their mission is to increase business productivity with the aid of cloud technologies, concentrating on simplicity and automation. For simplicity, each Hoiio App is actually modular by design and only automates one single task. Linked or connected apps can then work together to automate multiple tasks. Let us explain some of the services provided by Hoiio that will help your business be quick, efficient and highly professional for your clients.

Business Phone systems
Hoiio solutions enables you to custom build your phone system to fit for your business needs. With the use of the Virtual Line app, you can easily set up voice greetings, create phone extensions to forward calls anywhere. If you missed any calls, Virtual Line allows you to record voice messages. Want to manage the calls coming and going in your business? No worries, when configured, Call Recording will record all calls from your Virtual Line and SIP. There is no limit on how many records you will want to keep. And the best thing of all is that there is no minimum contract.

Enterprise SIP Trunk
Hoiio solutions will enable you to easily support enterprise security, compliance and workflow requirements. With the Hoiio SIP Trunk, you can smoothly setup an auto attendant, automated DNC checking and call recording workflow into each and every call. The high availability setup; Hoiio SIP Trunk supports primary and secondary sip registrars. You can configure fully automated fail-over with shard caller ID, billing and usage history. For incoming calls, SIP Trunk + Virtual Line setup ensures you can continue business even when your PBX is down, it will be auto routed to auto-attendant and mobile phones. And for the outgoing calls, SIP Trunk + Phone App setup provides the ultimate backup plan. Using the Phone App, your company can make outgoing calls using SIP Trunk number as the caller ID.

DNC Compliance
Hoiio solutions ensures that every call and message are checked automatically with the National Do-Not-Call registry before determining if they are allowed to proceed according to the user defined business rules. Hoiio enables businesses to continue their daily operations with fully automated DNC checking. Supported use cases includes SIP support for IP-Phone & IP-PBX, mobile support for Android & iPhone and SMS Marketing.

With the services provided by Hoiio and the efficient apps they’ve build, you can easily manage your business and be up to date in the fast pace of today’s trends and technology, and you won’t miss any more opportunities that will come your way. Additionally, Hoiio solutions are quite cost effective!

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