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Staff App 2.0

After receiving feedback from our customers, we have given our Staff app a much needed upgrade!


1. You can now store more information for your staff. This includes educational qualifications, work experience, certified skills and more!

2. You can now import and export your staff data into a nicely-formatted CSV file for you to edit in Microsoft Excel, making it easy for you to make any modifications or simply print them out in your desired format.

3. You can also receive notifications to alert you of impending expiration of critical documents like work permits. This is great if you have a lot of foreign workers in your company.

The Staff App can also be used in conjunction with our Time Log and Payroll Apps.

Additionally, the upgraded suite fulfils MOM’s Amendments to the Employment Act. This includes:

  • Itemised payslips
  • Key employment terms (KETs)
  • Keeping employment records

The app will also be free for use! If you require our help to setup, a setup fee is chargeable.

Click here for more information.

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