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Geographical Number Insertion for Websites

Dear readers,

We have a great new feature for you. Simply put, your website can now automatically display the company number based on the visitor’s country. Your page can automatically detect whether the user is from Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, or any country from our list of 50+ countries and show that country’s number automatically to the user.

If the user is from any country other than the existing list, your website can show a default number.

For example, you visit Hoiio’s website ( from Singapore for sales enquiries, you will be shown a Singapore number.


However, if you access Hoiio’s website while you are in Malaysia, you will be shown Hoiio’s Malaysia number.


This number insertion is done automatically by our call tracking app with 1 simple line of Javascript code on the web page. As previously mentioned, we support numbers for 50 over countries.

These numbers work with both our Direct Line and virtual line, so regardless of which country number the user calls in to, the call can be forwarded to the company’s phone system anywhere in the world (i.e. the number displayed and the location)

Interested for a demo or need more information?

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