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Construction HR Suite

Did you know we have a suite of HR apps specifically tailored for construction companies?

#1: Staff App
Easily manage various sources of staff information in one centralised location.

#2: Time Log App
We have a mobile biometric device available for your staff to check in and check out. Truly a fuss-free timekeeping solution.

The next best thing is that it is ruggedised and suitable for construction environments! Below is an image of the device.

#3: Payroll App
If you have issues computing hourly-based salaries for your construction staff, this payroll app works together with our time log app to compute it for you. It supports advanced configuration for HR staff to compute time-based salaries for your hourly-rated construction workers easily.

We have an amazing offer currently! No more paying for licences on a per user basis. Take advantage of our offer at an unbeatable flat price for unlimited users. In addition, our HR suite qualifies for Spring ICV and iSprint grants.

Interested to take up a free, no obligation trial? Pay only when you see the results!

Enter your contact information below and we will contact you shortly.

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