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Launch of Consent Hub for Marketing Agencies and their Agents


We have recently launched Consent Hub for Direct Marketing Agencies and their Agents. This is a comprehensive PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) productivity tool to help organisations manage their personal data and consents more efficiently and they are able to fulfil the below PDPA obligations easily:

  1. Consent Obligation (The agency cannot use or disclose an individual’s personal data)
  2. Purpose Limitation Obligation (Use or disclose personal data about an individual only for purposes that a reasonable person would consider appropriate in the circumstances)
  3. Notification Obligation (Inform individuals of the purposes for which their personal data will be collected)
  4. Access and Correction Obligation (Allow individuals to access their personal data and for a correction to their personal data)
  5. Protection Obligation (Make reasonable security arrangements to protect the personal data of an individual)

Here are the features of Consent Hub:

  1. Customisable online consent forms for data collection.
  2. Automatic delivery of consent notification.
  3. Multiple Notifications methods available (SMS, IVR, e-Mail).
  4. Self Service consent withdrawal.

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