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Upgraded SIP


We have great news for our SIP customers.

We have just launched our upgraded SIP technology,!

Here are the benefits of this upgrade:

It allows you to select TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) instead of UDP (User Datagram Protocol) for SIP Signaling, which gives you better call setup performance.

UDP, being an unreliable transmission protocol, could result in lost data during the call setup. This can cause dropped calls. While both ends can use high bandwidth connections to potentially solve the problem, using TCP will add an additional layer of reliability, as data transfer is guaranteed.

Multi-homed network for less latency (less is better) and increased coverage.

This means that the bandwidth is better connected with various bandwidth providers. This provides an additional layer of network resilience between the customer network and Hoiio.

Inbuilt redundancy for audio routing

With redundancy in place, if the audio servers do fail due to any reason, there will be backup servers to take over seamlessly such that the customer does not notice that there is audio unavailability. Thus this minimizes downtime in situations of hardware outages.

Do note that our current will no longer be available for NEW Customers. Current SIP customers are not affected however, and can continue to use their existing SIP trunk.

Interested for a demo or need more information?

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