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How to choose an SIP – SIP Trunking Provider Comparison

When making the decision to get an SIP from an SIP trunking provider in Singapore, in our opinion, the following should be considered.

Small Businesses (Can you pay as you scale?): Can the provider allow you to scale up, or scale down where necessary? There will be situations whereby you, after using an SIP, find that you might not need a higher capacity and need to downgrade, or even that you need it to be higher.

Hoiio allows you to scale up and down whenever you require.

Small Businesses Hoiio Other Competitors
Pay as you scale YES NO
Monthly pricing starting from $10 $165 ~ $230
Upgrade/downgrade easily Pay Penalty
Minimum contract 1 Month 2 Years

Overseas Offices: Does the provider have international numbers or even servers located in various parts of the world? For example, your business might have a presence in Malaysia/Hong Kong, and will require a solution that provides numbers and server location in Malaysia/Hong Kong.

Overseas Offices Hoiio Other Competitors
International Coverage YES NO
International Numbers
Multiple Server Locations

Sales & Marketing: Does the provider include functions for you to improve your business functions, like Do Not Call Automation, Call Recording or Call Tracking?

Sales & Marketing Hoiio Other Competitors
Business Automation YES NO
Do Not Call Automation
Integrated Call Recording
Integrated Call Tracking

IT Compliance: Does the provider comply to IT Enterprise Security requirements?

IT Compliance Hoiio Other Competitors
Enterprise Security YES NO
SIP TLS & SRTP Support
IP & Country Whitelist
Security Alerts

Budget Planning: Last but not least, what about budget? Is it affordable?

Budget Planning Hoiio Other Competitors
Total Cost for Year 1 $600 $3,300 ~ $4,320
Recurring Annual Cost $600 $2,700 ~ $3,300
Account Setup $0 $600 ~ $1,100
Subscription (10 Channels) $50/Month $220 ~ $270/Month
Upgrade to 30 Channels $100 $300 ~ $430
Additional Numbers $2.00 – $5.00 $1
Value Added Services All Included Chargeable
Setup Time 1 Business Day 2 – 4 Weeks


Free SIP Accounts for 1 month when you purchase a PBX with Hoiio! For sales enquiries, please contact us!

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