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Using Call Tracking and Call Recording to track Sales People

Have you ever wondered how your sales team is really performing?

If customers can contact your business using a telephone then you should consider using Hoiio’s comprehensive Virtual Line solution.

With Hoiio’s Call Tracking feature with Virtual Line, it allows you to statistically track the number of received and missed calls for all your employees. This can let you track things like which customer service officer are most proactive in answering calls or which of your sales staff has the highest average call duration.

Call Tracking Statistics

Call Tracking Statistics

Additionally, if you run Google Adwords campaigns, you can also see the call statistics from these campaigns.

Call Statistics from Google Adwords Campaigns

Call Statistics from Google Adwords Campaigns

With Hoiio’s Call Recording feature with Virtual Line, you can also roll back all calls and listen to the conversation so you can do the following:

  • Enforce accountability and improve the quality of your employees’ calls so that you can increase customer satisfaction
  • Spot mistakes and suggest improvements in your team’s sales pitch thereby improving your conversion rate
  • Ensure all employees are confirming to the company and PDPA policies

Another use of call recording can be to resolve disputes that might occur over transactions over a call. This is becoming more common in the financial industry, as financial decisions can be made over a phone call. With recorded calls as evidence, it can help your company reach a peaceful resolution with your customers in such cases.


Imagine using legacy options such as tape recorders, or using recording apps. These are very hard to deploy/maintain, and in most cases, difficult to track or locate a particular call log to analyse. Let Hoiio’s Virtual Line solution help you, as it is easy to deploy, cloud based, and yet affordable.

Improve your sales now. Deploy call tracking and call recording 3 months for FREE (unlimited usage and recording). Pay only when you see the results. Limited to the first 10 customers. Hurry!

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