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Coming Soon: Call Tracking

Many businesses setup cold calling and various marketing campaigns and then they hope, or perhaps even assume that it is working well. But they would not know which forms of marketing, are generating the conversions. Thus most marketers fail to effectively track phone leads and the success rates of these leads.

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Call tracking can help them do this quickly and easily. Call tracking allows businesses to know which marketing channels are driving phone calls and to stop wasting money on marketing that isn’t working.

Hoiio is launching Call Tracking soon, with the following features:

  • Automatically track the number of calls received per different call sources so you can track the conversions for each marketing campaign
  • View and download auto-generated reports showing which call source is converting best so you can increase conversions
  • Track both organic and pay per click visitors so you know which kind of marketing works for your company
  • Pay per click ads: Find out which keywords are converting to phone calls so that you can get more value per dollar spent on online ads (adwords, bing ads, etc)
  • Seamlessly integrate with Google Anlaytics so that you can track visitors and conversions in a single place
  • Create multiple campaigns, so you can separate reporting for each ad campaign
  • Dynamically insert phone number on your website with the call tracking number (using auto-generated copy paste code) so you don’t need to worry about manually managing numbers
  • Display different number based on the caller’s geographical location (for different countries)
  • Ring group and ring queues, so you never miss an incoming call
  • Record calls (using integrated call recording app) so you can test and improve your sales pitch
  • No setup fee and highly affordable subscription rate starting at only $10 per month
  • Infrastructure based in Singapore allowing better quality and prices in the Asia-Pacific Region
  • Interconnect with dozens of Hoiio apps for communication compliance and HR Management
  • Integrates seamlessly with Virtual Line, SIP and Call Recording

call tracking integration

With these integration abilities, security and high availability features, we are the best in town. This is also the reason why we won most of the call center SIP Trunk deals, including most of the real estate and financial institutes.

Know how effective your phone leads are. Interested for a demo or need more information?

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