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Coming Soon: New Visitor App To Protect Personal Data


Using the above Traditional Pen-and-Paper for Visitor Registration?

This may be a potential $1 million fine in the brewing.

Under the Protection Obligation of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), organisations have to make reasonable security arrangements to protect the personal data it possesses or controls to prevent unauthorised access, collection, use disclosure or similar risks. The traditional pen-and-paper method easily reveals those sensitive data to other visitors and thus violates PDPA.


Hoiio has a solution for you

The good news is that Hoiio has a Visitor Application that can solve the above problem. This is an iPad app with the below benefits:

a) Allows each visitor to register one at a time
b) Previous visitors’ data not revealed
c) Visitor Logs securely stored in the cloud
d) Authorised access can be done anytime, anywhere for audit purposes

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