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Using SIP on the Desktop Softphone

This is part three of the Hoiio SIP series. We hope this guides you to find the SIP client best suited to your needs.

For those who prefer to go hardware-free, there is the softphone.

The softphone is a software program that enables users to make VoIP calls over the Internet. If you don’t prefer to purchase IP phones for your office phone system, the softphone is a good alternative.

Downloadable onto the desktop, the software does not require dedicated hardware to function. After you subscribe to a SIP service (such as Hoiio SIP), configure the subscription details into your softphone to start making VoIP calls.

Is it suitable for my business?

Anyone with an Internet connection has access to a softphone. This makes it a good option for remote employees or frequent travellers, as they just need a computer to connect with their colleagues.

The convenience of a software phone is that you can travel light — there’s no need to ensure you have access to an IP phone in order to stay contactable. And the softphone is also downloadable onto the mobile phone, something we will cover in the next (and final) instalment.

Guides for step-by-step configuration on different softphones

Here are some guides for configuring your SIP details on various softphones:

  1. Configure X-Lite IP Softphone with Hoiio SIP

  2. Configure 3CXPhone for Windows with Hoiio SIP

  3. Configure Bria 3 with Hoiio SIP

  4. Configure Zoiper for iPhone with Hoiio SIP

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