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Hoiio partner, Xorcom, brings customers quality VoIP telephony solutions

A leading PBX manufacturer in the European market, Xorcom uses Asterisk Open Source IP-PBX to design and produce VoIP and PSTN office communication solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Hoiio recently partnered Xorcom to bring customers in Asia better SIP hardware options. Alongside Hoiio SIP service, customers get direct access to quality IP-PBX solutions, such as Xorcom’s CompletePBX. The business-grade telephony solution offers users a comprehensive product line of hardware configurations to support varying telecommunication requirements, from standard to enhanced.


More than just a PBX manufacturer and provider, Xorcom hosts an extensive library of SIP and PBX resources. Xorcom’s knowledge base provides relevant and useful information to its customers and site visitors, including product manuals, brochures, white papers, case studies and downloadable multimedia resources. Should there be any need for technical support or industry-related information, the customer need not worry about a lack of self-service help resources available in the Xorcom resource bank.

Celebrating their ten year anniversary this year, Xorcom has been providing customers with quality telephony solutions for a decade now. As a Xorcom partner, we extend our congratulations to Xorcom.


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