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Using SIP on my IP Phone

This is part one of the Hoiio SIP series. We hope this guides you to find the SIP client best suited to your needs.


The IP phone, also known as a VoIP phone, is quite similar to the wired land line phone we’re familiar with. The difference, however, is that the IP phone uses VoIP technology to place calls over the Internet. By connecting it to the Internet with a LAN cable, you can make VoIP-enabled calls on the IP phone.

Why should I choose an IP phone?

Each company has different requirements and that’s why there are devices catering to different needs. The IP phone is a physical phone just like the analog one, so if you’re used to scoring business deals on the hardware phone, you might want to get IP phones.

When shopping for the right IP phone, one important factor to consider is its interoperability with your SIP service. For your SIP line to work, the SIP service and SIP client need to be compatible. Check here for a list of the IP phones that Hoiio SIP is compatible with.

Guides for step-by-step configuration

Do refer to these guides on how to configure your SIP account on different IP phones:

  1. Configure Polycom Stand Point 32X/33X with Hoiio SIP

  2. Configure Ericsson-LG IP-88XX IP phone with Hoiio SIP

  3. Configure Yealink SIP-T20 IP Phone with Hoiio SIP

  4. Configure SNOM 710 IP Phone with Hoiio SIP

  5. Configure Linksys IP Phone SPA9XX with Hoiio SIP

  6. Configure VOPTech IP Phone with Hoiio SIP

  7. Configure Cisco IP Phone with Hoiio SIP

Hardware providers

If you need a recommendation for IP phone providers, do feel free to reach out to us at

Do you need advanced calling features such as call transfer and call hunting? Stay tuned for part two on the IP-PBX.

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