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Coming Soon: Sales and Support Line

Every day, your office phones are ringing. A customer wants to make a sales enquiry. Another would like troubleshooting assistance. What most sales and support staff currently do to deal with this flurry of incoming calls is to update leads in a spreadsheet. This shared spreadsheet is where the entire team consolidates customer enquiries and issues coming in through the company hotline.

With multiple contact channels such as hotlines, email address, website forms and social media, companies can really benefit from a solution that makes tracking customer feedback and leads much easier. That’s why we are introducing a new app that integrates voice communication with the help desk system.


Most companies utilise a web-based help desk platform to collect enquiries via email address, known as tickets. With our enquiry tracking app, you can now automatically convert customer calls into actionable tickets. Staff no longer need to manually key in detailed information on a spreadsheet because these tickets all get consolidated onto the same platform no matter which channel they came in through.


As a company, our operations team replies to tickets on a daily basis as well. Dealing with customers isn’t always a pleasant business, and sometimes it can become quite trying if the ticket does not provide enough background information for them to help the customer.

This applies especially in troubleshooting situations where the customer is already fed up about their problem. To counter this (and make our operations team happier), we included a click tracking feature which records data about the caller’s click patterns.

This means that each ticket comes with a set of data that informs the agent what the customer call is about. It also makes the job of the queue supervisor easier when allocating tickets to each team member.

Get no more headaches when tracking customer enquiries. Sign up for a preview today.

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