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Coming Soon: Phone Lines for PDPA

Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) came into force on 2 July 2014. While the law is well-intended and good for the country in the long run, it has also resulted in certain business complexities in the short term.

Since January 2014, together with our partners, we have launched a series of solutions to help businesses automate their compliance with the PDPA. Today, we are proud to announce the upcoming launch of 2 new products that will further automate our compliance journey.

1. Data Protection Officer (DPO) Hotline

Under the PDPA, every company has to appoint a DPO and provide the DPO’s business contact information publicly. However, as DPOs are usually busy folks who may take on other corporate appointments concurrently, providing their current office number to the public will be counter-productive.

To provide for a happy DPO, the company should provide a dedicated DPO Hotline that automates the following:

  • Announcement to the caller that this is the DPO Hotline for the Company
  • Automatically handle requests for information on the company’s PDPA Policy (Openness Obligation)
  • Register caller request for consent withdrawal, data retrieval and data correction (Access and Correct Obligation)

2. Automated Phone-in Consent for Real Estate Industry

Under the PDPA (Consent Obligation), we have also created the industry’s first automated consent notification and registration system. When a person calls into a Real Estate Property Hotline to purchase a Property, the system will play the following automated message:

  • “Welcome to Condo XYZ Launch by Real Estate Company ABC. To proceed with your property enquiries, please press 1 to consent to us contacting you on property information and advisory. For other matters, please press 2.”

The explicit consent is collected for the following purposes:

  • To contact the caller in the event that the phone call comes in after work hours
  • To contact the caller in the event that the phone call comes in but no agent is available to pick up the call
  • To enable the agent to call and send sms updates to the caller on property enquiries. This is needed as property advisory often cannot be fully completed during the initial phone call.

The following diagram illustrates the 9 main obligations for the PDPA.


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