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Announcement: New SIP pricing goes live

A few weeks ago, we announced the upcoming change in Hoiio SIP pricing. We have made some revisions to the final pricing plans, and they are now available for subscription as of today.

Do refer to this table for the details of the pricing plans:


Hoiio SIP customers may have noticed the addition of several features that previously weren’t offered with our SIP service. Those new features are the result of investments made to provide our SIP users with higher quality and reliability.

After all, when businesses set up their phone lines, they’re looking for service continuity and good voice quality. In order for us to have the resources to continue providing superior quality, we needed to adjust our prices slightly. It remains our priority to provide our customers with high-quality service at competitive prices.

To subscribe

If you’re a Hoiio SIP user, we will be sending you an email with the relevant details. You can select one of the new SIP plans or go with the default option. We’ll do our best to ensure your migration is as seamless as possible, and your new subscription will only kick in after your current subscription expires.

If you’re new to Hoiio SIP and would like to subscribe, simply do so by filling up the form below. Our sales team will get in touch with you very shortly. And should you require any assistance, please feel free to drop us an enquiry at

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