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I’ve got my first SIP subscription. What now?

If you have no idea what to do with your SIP subscription, it’s okay.

We understand that Session Initiation Protocol isn’t the easiest of concepts to grasp. First, it’s a technology, and not all of us naturally ‘get’ how technology works. Secondly, it’s just really abstract.

No fear though. You can still enjoy the benefits of VoIP phone calls even if you don’t totally understand the technology behind it.

Just know that in order to have a VoIP phone line, you need a SIP service and a SIP client.

SIP service
Hoiio SIP takes care of the SIP service part. When you buy a SIP subscription, you get the details that authorise you to use the service. But you can’t just pick up the phone and start talking. You need to activate the phone line too.

SIP client
Here’s where the SIP client comes in. A SIP client is a device or software that allows you to make SIP phone calls. With your SIP account details, you can now activate your SIP line by configuring your device or software.

There are many SIP clients in the market that you can choose from, but to simplify there are four main categories they fall into.

In the following weeks, we’ll be guiding you through the different ways you can configure your SIP line. Stay tuned!


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