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Don’t risk DNC non-compliance any longer

If there’s something that a $78,000 fine can show us, it’s that the PDPC takes compliance with the Do-Not-Call Registry very seriously.

Serious business

A tuition agency and its director have been slapped with a staggering fine of $78,000 for violating the DNC regulations and spamming customers with SMS messages to promote their tutoring services.

We can probably all agree that it’s really not worth it. Hefty fine aside, the company’s reputation among customers has also taken a beating. Doing business is already challenging enough. To swim against the current of customer distrust? Probably not the smartest thing to do.

Prevention is better than cure

Let’s not have such things happen to us. The PDPA has already taken a firm stance against unlawful telemarketing since its formation at the start of the year, so it should be no surprise for penalties meted out to be this severe. It is in no one’s interests to be penalised for something that can be easily resolved with a DNC compliance solution.

We understand that an ideal solution may not be easy to find. While you want to stay DNC-compliant, you also need a solution that is not disruptive to your day-to-day operations.

DNC compliance made easy

It should be good news then that SpiderGate, our DNC management solution co-powered with Straits Interactive, bypasses all that hassle and automatically checks against the DNC Registry every time you call, fax or send an SMS. Unlike what the DNC website offers, which is a 24-hour scrubbing window every time you do a DNC check, SpiderGate saves you lots of man-hours. Because SpiderGate is integrated with Hoiio’s communication tools, it makes DNC scrubbing a seamless process and ensures that you stay compliant easily.

If you’re concerned about the cost, SpiderGate is eligible for claim under the Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV), a grant by the Singapore government for businesses to adopt productivity-enhancing solutions. With the ICV grant, companies are able to receive the full quotation amount in advance before they purchase the solution, which means you can effectively get SpiderGate for free.

Get a demo

If you have not secured a DNC compliance solution for your company, don’t risk non-compliance any longer. Click here to schedule a demo session to see how Spidergate works, how it can help you with DNC compliance and how you can claim the full amount using government grants.

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