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Coming soon: New call recording app


Whether you’re running a business or managing a government-run organisation, a tool to record calls is essential. Call recording can help you become more aware of your communications with your clients and customers, enabling you to refine operational processes.

Keeping recorded calls means you get to retrieve them for reference and play them back to get the information you need, be it for training best practices or monitoring of staff performance. Yet there are companies that shy away from call recording, for a reason — the current legacy options, the ones that require you to have call recording devices on your office premises, are not ideal.

With all the benefits that call recording can offer, it’s a pity to let inflexible options in the market get in the way. We’ve developed a cloud-hosted solution that can be integrated into our apps for a seamless introduction to your business phone system.


1. Easy to deploy: Our call recording app is activated online on our user portal. Everything is fully self-service, and the feature is activated instantly.

2. Low maintenance: Cloud-hosted call recording means that all maintenance is done on our side, and no effort on your end is required. We have a dedicated team to monitor the service, making sure that it continues to run smoothly for you.

3. Fully integrated across all devices: Companies don’t need to worry about not being able to apply recording capabilities to all devices. When you use our call recording service, it’s automatically integrated into all applicable Hoiio apps (SIP, Phone, Main Line and Direct Line) that you’ve subscribed to. This way, be it mobile phone or office phone line, phone conversations will still be recorded.

4. Secure: One prominent use case of call recording is in the financial industry, to resolve disputes that can occur over transactions. With the recorded phone call as evidence, it becomes much easier to reach a peaceful resolution. That also means that safeguarding the tapes and ensuring they cannot be tampered with is crucial to these financial institutions.

The digital signature feature that comes with the app ensures that tape recordings are original and have not been tampered with, and allows them to be verified by an independent third party.

With the sheer volume of calls, it’s not hard to understand that what you want is a solution that is easy to use and takes little effort on your part to maintain. It’s basically having peace of mind, knowing that the call recording solution you chose is doing the groundwork for you, and that all you have to do is to select the recorded conversation you want.

If you’re keen to try out the cloud solution we have for you, do sign up in the box below. Our sales team will get in touch with you very soon 🙂

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