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An iPad App for your Time Clocking Woes


HR managers juggle many duties, from hiring to staff welfare to molding workplace culture. Sometimes they can’t help but feel a little stretched thin. Expectedly then, anything that can make their job easier would be quite welcome. When it comes to managing staff attendance, the traditional method of the time clock poses several challenges.

1. There’s little safeguard against buddy punching, which occurs when a staff member helps an absent fellow employee clock in. So the company ends up paying for hours not actually put in.

2. When it’s monthly payroll time, the stacks of time cards to manually process seem more daunting than Mount Everest.

Hoiio has created a staff clock-in app for the iPad that enables HR managers to keep track of staff attendance easily.


No more time theft: Staff have to take a selfie every time they clock in or out, preventing buddy punching.

Efficient timekeeping: Time sheets are automatically updated in the system, so you can do away with the tedious work of manually processing time cards.

Access all staff records anytime, anywhere: With automated timekeeping, managers can skip the process of collecting manual time cards. All the data is available on the cloud, and managers can retrieve time sheets by exporting them to email.


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