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User Story: Flex Mech

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Established in 1983, Flex Mech is a leading solutions provider that specialises in global manufacturing machinery. With offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Shanghai, they service customers in the aviation, electrical and semiconductor industries from all over Asia.

As Flex Mech has business operations in multiple locations around the world, communication between regional offices can be very costly. In order to save on international IDD calls, the sales and operations team mainly uses the Hoiio mobile app to contact their colleagues overseas. At the same time, Hoiio’s Direct Line service transfers important calls whenever they are abroad.

To efficiently track and manage telecommunication usage for 10 members, the Business Development Manager, Ru- Ding, uses the Hoiio for Company admin portal to set monthly spending limits and view call transactions.

“The call quality of Hoiio is unparallelled, even when overseas. Hoiio has helped us to save money on expensive overseas calls as well as when we receive calls when we’re overseas. I’ll recommend Hoiio to anyone who travel constantly, and to anyone who make calls overseas. The savings are substantial!” – Mr Tan Ru-Ding

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