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Is your company DNC-ready?


It’s the start of the first work day of the year and we hear that some businesses weren’t exactly having the happiest of new year celebrations because all they could think about was the DNC registry going into effect today.

Since the Do Not Call (DNC) registry opened up for registration a month ago, more than 400 000 unique numbers have been added to the registry. There is indeed a sizeable portion of people who are frustrated with receiving unsolicited marketing calls, SMSes and faxes. These marketing tactics which are commonly used by property agents, insurance agents and financial institutions to reach prospective customers are considered cost effective as compared to other marketing campaigns.

For those who have yet to register their numbers, they can do so via SMS, phone call or registering online. It is expected to take 30 days after the date of registration to completely stop receiving unsolicited telemarketing messages. Unfortunately, the authorities have decided to allow businesses to continue sending text and fax messages to their customers and members although companies should make it possible for them to opt out of receiving these messages if they want to. At the same time, most would also agree that they should ensure that the unsubscribe function actually works too.

SpiderGate Do Not Call (DNC) Management System

As the law sought to protect the interests of consumers, businesses will have to find ways to comply to the Personal Data Protect Act (PDPA) or face penalties up to 1 million dollars. One way of ensuring compliance is to check your contact list against the DNC registry before carrying out telemarketing activities each time. Or if you prefer a solution that seamless integrates with your telemarketing activities, you might prefer SpiderGate. It works by automatically checking and filtering out telephone numbers from your company’s centralised blacklist and the DNC registry when you make marketing calls, SMS and faxes to your prospects.

Whether you are a running a company with hundreds of agents or a lean sales force, we have solutions that can cater to different needs.

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