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Hoiio expands to Hong Kong

Hoiio Hong Kong Office

In order to serve our Hong Kong customers better, we have just set up a Hong Kong office about a month ago. We now have a team dedicated to serving the needs of local users, businesses and partners. If you are already a paying customer, this should be comforting news since help is much closer to you now. For those who were considering previously, our HK team be happy to provide you with more information about Hoiio and how we can help you improve your business communication.

At the moment, we provide phone, fax and SIP numbers for Hong Kong, Singapore,  Australia, USA, New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Israel and Spain.

Company account admins  can subscribe to lines from any of the countries we provide and assign them to your team members. The currency that members will see is dependent on the company’s currency code (which is in turn, based on the owner’s currency code when the company account was created). In short, communication usage in all countries will be centrally managed by one Company admin. That will probably make life a lot easier for business owners setting up operations around the globe.

Customers and partners who would like to reach our Hong Kong team directly can call (+852) 5801 0503. Otherwise, you can email us at for general enquiries. Companies who are interested in exploring partnership opportunities can reach us at

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