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015 Malaysian numbers now available


After several months of navigating through stifling red tape and regulations, we have finally been given the green light to sell Malaysian numbers starting with 015. For the time being, you will not be able to purchase these numbers directly from the web portal. For those interested, simply email us at and you will be served by our friendly support staff.

As the telecommunication industry is a highly regulated one, the effects are felt by the suppliers, by resellers like us and it trickles right down to the consumers. Customers would need to provide the following documents to facilitate the purchase of these 015 numbers.

  • For consumers, you would need to prepare a photocopy of  your identity card (IC).
  • For businesses, you would need to prepare a photocopy of certified documents: 

Private Company: Form 24, 49, 9/13
Public Company: Form 8 & 23
Sole Proprietor: Form D & A
Partnership: Form D & B
NGO/ Association/ Corporation/ Foreign Company/ Embassy/ Government:
Documents issued by the relevant authorities

03 Malaysian numbers should be available pretty soon. We are all keeping our fingers crossed for as little delay as possible! Do stay tuned!

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