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SMS Broadcast Script, by NUS Hackers

During the 24-hours hackathon organized by the NUS Hackers, a convenient SMS broadcast script was born, in cool developer’s fashion.

The NUS Hackers used the script to send SMS to the hackathon participants, announcing important events such as lunch/dinner/pizzas..

This is how you can use too:

  1. git clone
  2. Create a file (eg. phones.txt) with the phone numbers, separating each by a breakline
  3. Edit config file and enter your Hoiio App ID and Access Token, and also a sender name (if you don’t have SMS Rebranding enabled, enter your mobile number)
  4. Run ./ phones.txt 
  5. Enter your desired SMS message
  6. Press Ctrl-D
  7. Press y

If all’s good, you will see success_ok status!


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