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Hoiio is partnering 3CX


3CX is the leading IP-PBX system for Windows operating system. For the past 1 month, we had work closely with 3CX and the result is: Hoiio is 3CX partner providing VoIP solution in Asia region and Hoiio SIP is now shipped in the latest version of 3CX version 11.

“Thanks to the successful interoperability testing with Hoiio, 3CX further increases its range in Asia, and worldwide, and provides low cost, high quality VoIP solutions for customers using 3CX Phone System together with Hoiio’s services,” said Stephen Corrigan, 3CX Sales Director.

With Hoiio strong Asia-based infrastructure, corporations using 3CX Phone System can seamlessly extend their presence in many Asian countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and China. Via Hoiio SIP, corporations can now get virtual numbers from many countries in Asia easily.

If you are looking for IP-PBX for Windows operating system, try 3CX for free.

To connect your IP-PBX to Hoiio, try Hoiio SIP.

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