Slashed by 30% when calling Malaysia from Singapore.

Author: , September 20, 2011

With a view to be the best communication provider for smart phones, we are lowering down our IDD rates (while maintain the premium quality). We call this, democratising voice. Our first target is, Malaysia. Therefore, earlier this week, we posted a question on Facebook.


We really love it when our users are engaged with us by leaving their “thumbs” and commenting on our posts :).

Few days after that, we did what we said. We slash Hoiio calling rates from Singapore to Malaysia by 30%. With SGD 10, now you can call Malaysia for more than 3.5 hours. All rates below are in SGD cents.



Now, that we’ve lowered down our rates, now the ball is in your hand. Help us to spread this to your friends who call to Malaysia. Let them know that Hoiio is one of the best communication provider around.

Btw, if you have not likened us on Facebook, then you should! Visit our Facebook page and engage with us there.

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New Low Rates to India and Vietnam

Author: , July 30, 2010

We have been running promotional Hoiio rates for India, Vietnam and Cambodia for a while now and we’re pleased to announce that the promotional rates for India (from 10.0 cents/min) and Vietnam (15.0 cents/min) have been well received so we have decided to give you more reasons to use Hoiio by making those rates permanent.

However, the promotional rates for Cambodia has ended and will revert back to the normal competitive call rate of 27 cents/min with effect from 1 August 2010.

Thank you for your support Hoiio Fans!

New Promo Rates from 10 cents/min

Author: , May 25, 2010

We have good news for you when calling India, Vietnam and Cambodia. Our promotional rates have been slashed to as high as 63%!

In our recent survey, you have told us that our rates to these countries are high and you have switched services when making these calls. We have noted, we have compared and we have revised.

Now, you don’t have to switch. We like you to continue enjoying the convenience Hoiio provides when making your IDD calls; no prefixes, no hassle. You can now include India, Vietnam and Cambodia as part of your list of Hoiio call destinations.

And how do we compare with our new rates? These are the savings you get when you compare Hoiio with some available services.