Make Voice Conference Calls Easily

Author: , June 03, 2012

Hi friends,

A couple of months earlier, we received requests from customers who are looking for Hoiio to support conference calls. And today, we are happy to announce that we have completed and launch the first version of the Hoiio Voice Conference App. Check it out =)

To use the conference app, simply log-on to and click on the conference app icon.

Hoiio Voice Conference

To fully optimize the Voice Conference App experience, you may wish to download Hoiio Live to synchronize the address book on your mobile phone and Hoiio. For making calls to contacts not in the address book, you can simply click on the dialer and key in the numbers.

We love customer feedback and ideas. Hence, do kindly let me know how we can improve the conference app. You can contact us via email ( or by voting at Cheers.

Note: Fax and more apps coming up next. Stay tuned.

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