Breathing Life to Android Phonebooks

Author: , June 07, 2012

At the fold of the first quarter this year, we have introduced an amazing product that keeps your phonebook contacts updated.   With Hoiio Live, you will never need to manually update your phonebook again.  On top of that, it showcased a revolutionary way on how we interact with our contacts.  Since the advent of mobile phones, contact details are presented in the same, old, boring manner.  Hoiio reinvented the way you see your contacts by introducing Business Cards — an exciting way to personalize your phonebook entry for all your contacts to see.  It changed the way we interacted with contacts… and now, we’re bringing these fantastic features and MORE to Android.


In Android, we brought the Profile Header to your Dashboard — allowing you to enjoy visually stunning images of your choice.  It’s breathtakingly gorgeous.



We’ve introduced an exciting way to showcase business cards.  A few years hence, people will no longer need to bother with each other’s contact information.  All you need to do is to choose whom to communicate with and the app does it for you.  Hoiio Live is the prelude of that standards in the future.  Thus, we offer a very simple way of contacting your friends—by the tap of the button in the business card.  (You can still see the complete contact information if you choose to view more info of the contact).


We’ve brought powerful features from iPhone to Android as well, and more!  Editing profile header got a lot easier with the camera button.  Want to search for a friend manually? Try Lookup, a beautiful feature that allows you to find friends whom you lost communication with.  Nearby and Suggestions come in handy as well.  It gives a brand new meaning on how you can complete your phonebook with the data you need.

Hoiio Live is the best Contact Management App today.  It’s the first app that completes your phonebook seamlessly.  Combined with stunning visuals and easy to use navigation, it takes phonebook management into a whole new level.

Here’s a short video to help you jumpstart your experience with Hoiio Live.

Hoiio Live is free for grabs worldwide in Google Play.  For more information, visit

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